executive chef

christian delutis 



chicken noodle   |  $8

chicken, bone broth, sweet corn, carrots, celery, boiled egg

Butternut Squash | $6 va

pomegranate, parsley, pumpkin seed


caesar | $10 va

romaine, croutons, parmesan, little fish

Waldorf | $11 va

apples, kale, walnut toast, grapes, celery, cider dressing

Before Supper.png

Swedish meatballs | $14 • $22

venison, currants, coarse mustard, egg noodles, gravy

cheese hot or cold | $13 va

selection of four — jam, crackers, nuts, pickles

cured meats | $14

selection of four — mustard, crackers, boiled egg, pickles

raw + pickled vegetables | $10 va

baked bean spread, warm olives, toast

potato skins | $12

fried russets, smoked trout, fish eggs, horseradish, sour cream, chives

flatbread | $10 va

sweet onion, figs, spinach, blue cheese, bee sting honey

Mac and cheese | $9 va

cheddar cream, scratch noodles, hard pretzel crumbs

Oysters on the half shell | $16

hot with Rockefeller sauce, on ice with shallot dressing

crispy duck leg | $16 • $27

baked beans, barley, bacon, molasses


lamb chop | $33

onion rings, yam, mint jam

salmon | $22

beets, brussel sprouts, mashed potato

burger | $14

pretzel roll, lettuce, tomato, onion, Koda sauce, malt vinegar fries

grilled cheese | $12 va

apple butter

gnocchi | $29 • vegetarian $19

scallop, lobster, fennel cream

King steak | $28

malt vinegar fries, beef bone gravy

chicken divan | $22

fried leg, carrots, potato

pork tenderloin | $22

slab bacon, red cabbage, dumplings. mustard


fries | $5 va

malt vinegar

onion rings | $6 va

Koda sauce

Brussels Sprouts | $5 va

sea salt

hot apple butter | $5 va


mashed potatoes | $5 va

beef bone gravy

carrots | $5 va

bee sting honey

Key — “VA” indicates item can be prepared vegetarian, please ask your server

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness