executive chef

christian delutis

Menu Subject to seasonal change



chilled CORN SOUP   |  $7 va

cold corn bisque, shishito pepper, saffron popcorn, chimmichurri

tomato bisque | $7

cacciatore sausage, dill pollen, bread crumbs


caesar | $10

romaine, croutons, parmesan, little fish

wood grilled peach | $11 va

grilled peach, arugula, barbecued peanuts, pickles, goat cheese ranch


tomatoes, hand pulled mozzarella, herb toast, greens, basil crema

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“ E G G S + B A C O N ” | $ 13

deviled farm egg, pork belly, toast, breakfast aioli

C H E E S E H O T O R C O L D | $ 1 3 VA

selection of four — jam, crackers, nuts, pickles

C U R E D M E A T S | $ 1 4

selection of four — mustard, crackers, boiled egg, pickles

R A W & P I C K L E D V E G E T A B L E S | $ 1 0 VA

pimento spread, warm olives, toast

F R I E D G R E E N T O M A T O E S | $ 1 3

pickled blue crabmeat, pimento cheese

F L A T B R E A D | $ 1 1 va

roasted garlic + red pepper harissa, house mozzarella, corn, arugula

P . A . M A C & C H E E S E | $ 9

Lebanon bologna, pickles, cheddar, noodles, hard pretzel crumbs

O Y S T E R S O N T H E H A L F S H E L L | $ 1 6

wood grilled in sweet corn butter, or raw with chopped cocktail

P E E L + E A T S H R I M P | $ 1 3

½ pound of steamed shrimp, Adam’s Pilsner, seafood magic, pickle brine dressing


L A M B R O U L A D E + S A U S A G E | $ 3 0

braise leg roulade, house sausage, warm hummus, summer vegetables, cucumber yogurt

S A L M O N | $ 2 4

asparagus + pea + zucchini ragout, beet root, horseradish tahini

C H E E S E B U R G E R | $ 1 4

burger roll, lettuce, tomato, onion, Koda sauce, malt vinegar fries

H o u s e b a c o n B . L . T . | $ 1 4

spent grain toast, Koda sauce, lettuce, tomato, “potato salad”

G N O C C H I | $ 2 9

scallop, lobster, creamed corn, jalapeno relish

K I N G S T E A K | $ 2 8

beef fat fries, fresh vegetables, herb butter, gravy

r o a s t e d + f r I e d c h I c k e n | $ 2 4

fried leg, smoked breast, collard greens, cola baked beans, cornbread, gravy

S H A K E + B A K E P O R K C H O P | $ 2 2

blueberry barbecue, sweet potato hash, spicy fermented coleslaw

C R I S P Y D U C K L E G | $ 1 6 • $ 2 7

blackberry sticky, lavender almonds, brown butter grits, roasted shallots

v e g a n c h I c k p e a p a s t a | $ 19

handmade noodles, summer vegetables, nutrional yeast, fresh herbs


fR I E S | $ 5

Koda sauce

P O T A T O S A L A D | $ 5

our take

B R U S S E L S S P R O U T S | $ 7

sea salt

A S P A R A G U S | $ 8

wood grilled, sweet butter, smoked salt

B A K E D B E A N S | $ 5

with broken cornbread

Key — “VA” indicates item can be prepared vegetarian, please ask your server

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of food-borne illness